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inTakt pricing


Custom discounts for your project.

inTakt is Built for Teams

Each project is different. That's why inTakt gives you custom discounts tailored specifically for your project.

  • Unlimited invites

  • New features released on a regular basis

Construction workers

Available Discounts

Young Worker

Product Maturity

How feature-complete the inTakt app is.

Construction managers

Early Adopter

How early you subscribe to your first project in inTakt

Building under construction

Project Size

How large your project is in USD.

Buildings under construction

Company Volume

How many projects your company has in inTakt.

Burn those spreadsheets and keep your plan inTakt!

Example 1

Project Size: $6 million



/month *

Save $56 per month
Product maturity: $40
Early adopter: $14
Project size: $1
Company volume: $1

Apartment building

* Discounts are calculated in real-time and are not locked in until you purchase. Contact us to get a quote for your project.

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