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inTakt pricing

inTakt Pricing - Flexible and Transparent

Experience our straightforward, project-based pricing tailored to your needs.

At inTakt, we believe in transparent, flexible pricing that caters to your project's specific requirements. With pricing based on project size (USD), our all-inclusive plans ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Request a quote using our simple form and receive a response within a day, or schedule a call for a demo and answers to any questions.

All-inclusive Pricing:

Our plans include all software updates and improvements, ensuring you always have access to the latest features and enhancements. We are committed to continuously improving our software, with regular releases to provide the best possible user experience.​

Construction workers

Automatic Pricing Calculator

Our automatic pricing calculator offers discounts based on four factors to give you the most competitive pricing:

Young Worker

Product Maturity

Benefit from a gradually decreasing discount as our software matures and gains new features.

Construction managers

Early Adopter

Enjoy a permanent discount for being an early adopter. The earlier your company starts its first project with inTakt, the higher your discount.

Building under construction

Project Size

Receive discounts for larger projects, as our base price is calculated as a percentage of your project size (USD).

Buildings under construction

Company Volume

Increase your savings as your company's work volume within inTakt grows.


Pricing Examples

To help you understand our pricing structure, here are a few examples (please note that these are only for illustration purposes and actual pricing may vary).

Example 1

Project Size: $6 million



/month *

Save $56 per month
Product maturity: $40
Early adopter: $14
Project size: $1
Company volume: $1

Apartment building

* Discounts are calculated in real-time and are not locked in until you purchase.

Request a Quote Today

Get a personalized quote by completing our quick and easy form. Discounts are calculated in real time and are locked in for the duration of the project once purchased. Experience the simplicity and transparency of inTakt pricing by requesting a quote today!

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