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How inTakt works

inTakt - Features to Streamline Your Construction Takt Planning

Experience seamless project management with inTakt, the ultimate web-based construction takt planning tool.

inTakt is a revolutionary web-based construction takt planning tool designed to simplify project management and enhance team collaboration. Get started in just three easy steps, and witness your project come to life with our comprehensive set of features.

Three Simple Steps to Get Started

Click save and your takt plan will be generated immediately!


Define Takt Zones

Effortlessly create zones and subzones, such as floors and areas within floors, to organize your project.


Identify Tasks

Establish the tasks to be completed within each zone, ensuring a smooth workflow.


Set Parameters

Customize dates, work weeks, takt periods, and more. Instantly see the calculated end date and make adjustments in real time.

Powerful Features to Enhance Your Project Management

Schedule View

Gain control over your project with a flexible, customizable schedule view. Update your schedule and monitor progress with ease.

  • Drill down to see detailed information about individual tasks

  • Modify your plan and observe real-time updates

  • Status tasks and track progress

  • Specify reasons for variances and add roadblocks

  • Add one-time tasks and adjust task relationships

  • Create a blank canvas for tasks not aligned with the takt flow

  • Export your schedule to Primavera P6 (XML) and Excel

Work Plan

Empower trade partners to create weekly work plans by adding subtasks, ensuring efficient coordination and adherence to the overall schedule.

  • Add subtasks and designate responsible parties

  • Set up default subtasks for common jobs

  • Subtasks are linked to their parent tasks

Zone Map

Upload drawings, visually define zones, and track work progress with our intuitive Zone Map. Watch the flow of work animate on the drawings or choose a specific date to see trade activity in each area.

  • Scroll through time and see the flow of work change with colorful animations

  • Update the schedule and your changes are shown in the Zone Map

  • Upload multiple drawings to animate all of your work zones

  • Export your floor plans as a PDF and print your zones 

Try inTakt for Free Today

Discover the benefits of inTakt firsthand by trying our free version. To explore a demo project, simply create an account and experience the power of seamless construction takt planning.


Track project performance with detailed reports on Clean Handoffs, Variance by Task, Reasons for Variance, and a Roadblocks Log. Identify areas for improvement and optimize your project's success.

  • Monitor the percentage of clean handoffs

  • Examine variances by task and reasons

  • Manage all your roadblocks in one place

  • Export your reports to Excel

Upgrade your construction project management with inTakt, the web-based tool that streamlines takt planning and maximizes team collaboration. Join us today and revolutionize the way you manage your construction projects.

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