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inTakt - Your Ultimate Takt Planning Solution for Construction Projects

Introducing inTakt - The Web-Based Takt Planning Tool

inTakt is a purpose-built takt planning tool designed specifically for construction professionals. With its highly-intuitive interface and powerful range of functions, inTakt streamlines the takt planning process and allows you to create large takt plans in minutes. Accessible on any device, inTakt makes managing progress and changes a breeze.

What is Takt Planning?

Takt planning is a method used in the construction industry to streamline and optimize work processes. By aligning tasks and resources with a consistent work rhythm, takt planning ensures smooth workflow and reduced waste, resulting in improved project efficiency and reduced costs.

Make takt planning a breeze with inTakt's powerful schedule tool. Create, edit, and visualize your takt plans quickly and easily, saving time and increasing productivity.

Save Time

Time is money, which is why we streamlined the takt planning process.

Easy to Use

Throw out your old spreadsheets. inTakt was custom built for takt planning.

Any Device

inTakt works seamlessly on almost any device connected to the internet.

A construction professional skillfully utilizes the inTakt software on a tablet, showcasing the ease of managing projects and enhancing team collaboration through takt planning. The image emphasizes inTakt's powerful features and user-friendly interface, making it a top choice for takt planning in the construction industry.

Key Features of inTakt

Web-based: Access inTakt from any device with an internet connection, ensuring seamless collaboration across your team


Intuitive Interface: Navigate the platform with ease, even if you're new to takt planning


Rapid Takt Plan Creation: Add zones, tasks, dates, and durations to generate a complete takt plan in minutes


Progress Management: Monitor and update progress in real-time, keeping your team informed and on track


Change Management: Adapt to changes quickly and efficiently, minimizing project disruptions

Latest Features

inTakt reinvests the majority of its revenue back into the product; rapidly developing new features, based on your feedback. See examples of the latest updates in the videos below:

Multiple Task Linking Feature
Printable Look-Ahead Plans
Reverse Logic Feature
Overlapping Tasks
Multiple Crews
Blank Canvas
Working with Zone Maps
Multi-Select and Copy/Paste

Get Started Today

Whether you're a takt planning expert or just beginning your journey, inTakt offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your construction project.

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